How To Avoid Hoarding And Cluttering In Your House

There are many reasons people choose to hoard belongings. It might be because they are quite sentimental and place value on every gift or memento or it could be because they have a consumerism issue. Either way, if you are someone who hoards, you have probably noticed that clutter builds up quickly in your house. This article focuses on some tips to avoiding this clutter.

Figure out what you don’t need

Take a day out of your work schedule, or maybe even two days, depending on how much you own. Sit and sort through each room in your house and pick out all the items that you do not need in your life. There are many ways to eliminate material items. First, figure out if you have used an item within the last six months. If you haven’t, toss it. Another thing to look at is if it has material value. If so, add it to the keep or sell pile. Organizing your possession and making these piles will help. Decide what to sell based on what you use. Do not allow yourself to be irrational with sentimental value. In terms of this, only keep items that have a link to an event that has had a great impact on your life. Get rid of everything else. You have to be harsh on yourself, or this process won’t work. After that comes figuring out what to do with all the things you’re ready to give up.


Whatever useful items can be salvaged should be given to charity. There are millions of homeless people suffering everyday, and you have a duty to help out your fellow humans. An added bonus is that you won’t be too upset about giving away your things considering it will go to a good cause.


You can sell items that have material value that you are willing to part with. This is perfect for more luxury items that you do not use or need. Your incentive is that you can gain some cash from the process. You can keep these items in a hired storage space units till you organize a sale.

Store items

What happens to the items you just can’t give up, but you can’t find space for in your house? I suggest you invest in a personal self storage unit here. Their prices are based on size, and you can do some research and find ones that offer value for money. However, you should keep in mind that you are literally paying for a unit to keep your material items in, so be smart about what items you choose to store.

In this manner, you can make an active decision to decrease your clutter. This will no doubt help reduce your hoarding habits and make you realize how inconvenient it can be to constantly buy and keep material items.

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