Equipment Used In A Bakery

It doesn’t matter if you are working in large bakery or small bakery, the equipment you use to prepare your baked goodies are going to the same or almost the same. The capacity of the equipment of smaller bakeries might be less than the bigger outlets but the equipment are the same, from ovens, mixers, racks, storage so on and so forth. Let us take a look at the different equipment used at the bakery. It might be useful if you ever think of starting up your own bakery someday. Which I am sure you will be successful looking at the demand of the industry.

Commercial baking oven is the most common baking oven that you will need in your bakery. You will a lot of things to bake from daily goods to orders of cupcakes and what not. Depending on what type of bakery you are going to run and goods are there are different types of good ovens like, rack oven, stone deck oven, revolution oven, etc. The conventional oven is the oven that is mostly used to bake loafs and individual cakes. Rack ovens can bake a lot of items while placed on a rack. Things like cookies and cakes can be baked in numbers. Dough is an important part in baking anything and making the dough is easy but when it comes quantity it will be difficult to maintain quality and produce a lot of dough without a dough mixer. A dough mixer is important for a bakery for it helps mix about 280 liters of dough. That is a good number.

Do not forget a refrigerator is mainly used for storage and ingredients that you have surplus of. There is equipment called blast freezer which cools down things quite quickly that normal freezers. It may come in handy when trying to cool down food or trying to store doughs and what not. What good is a bakery if you can’t bring your customers to you? The best way to do so is to bring in temptation and visual reminder that there is food in the bakery so come sit down and eat. To do this you need to display some of your baked goods. A display case is what you need to get this done. Also make sure your goods displayed are able to preserve its freshness in the display case.

Other necessary things will include cups spoons, measuring cups, rollers and so on. You will knives to cut and a lot of baking sheet without a doubt. There is a machine call bread cutter that cuts the loaf into slices which will be useful as most customers look for sliced bread.