My colleagues are reached out to by potential clients more often than I am as I operate from a home office, which is really the guest bedroom. I understand that tendency may be so as I don’t own a formal office. I am not naïve and do gather that operating from home means that I am further away from the hustle and bustle of a corporate setting but I assure that I have never let that get in the way of the proficiency of my work. It is fair to say that I was nursing a broken heart and a checking account which was closing in on a figure with single digits until I decided to do one last thing, to invest on a coworking office space. Which as I use, I realize is an absolutely brilliant idea and moreover a safe haven to deserving entrepreneurs such as myself.

With the good serviced office space concept not only am I able to meet with my clients but my business partners, suppliers and any one from the industry. I have also noticed that there is a significant rise in the sales calls I receive as my colleagues who maintain offices in the same premises as I do most often refer my services to their friends and family, though I was initially over whelmed by it i now realize that it is really not rocket science as I too have grown the habit of casually mentioning them during my conversations with in my inner circles. The power of a community is often not given the due acknowledgement and this is one instance that I have being a part of such a supportive programme and it is time that small timers such as us rose to the top and with awesome ideas such as a co-working office space that day is not too far from the present. We are..

Flexible: we do not want to tie you down for ever, irrespective of whether you’re with us for long or a couple of months we are happy to have you.

Secure: sharing does not mean compromising with us, you along with everything pertaining to your business is in good hands with us

Professional: all services we execute and offer to do for you will do done so in an utmost professional manner

Location: we are located within reasonable distance to all that you need, banks, cafes, you name it, all are right here.

Fully Furnished: Our offices are enables with are modern amenities and furnished tastefully that half the work cut out for us is taken care of when closing a deal.