Follow Your Dreams

Everybody has a dream but not everybody goes onto achieve them. People have many different dreams. Some people want to be a doctor, a lawyer, a writer, a sportsmen or an actor. All these dreams are different but none are too big to achieve. What you need is inspiration, guts, focus and above all hard work to achieve your dreams.

Inspiration to achieve your dreams

Many of us are inspired in different ways. Some maybe inspired by a sportsman’s larger than life character and their ability to bring people together, some people by a teacher’s ability to bring out the best in a student and others by reading a book that changed their life forever.

If a writer wants to follow their dreams they should look at inspirational authors like J.K Rowling who is the author of the Harry Potter novel series which is arguably the most famous novel series in the world. As she came from humble beginnings and was a single mother who was in financial trouble at the time she wrote Harry Potter she is an example of how an average person can make something of themselves.

Always think positive

If you want to achieve your dreams you must think positive and try and eliminate self-doubt. A writer who has written a novel should go to the book printers and get his novel distributed without second guessing himself. Having no self-doubt is an important part in writing and releasing your novel.

Feel free to think differently

Not every author has to go the same route of going to an established distributor instead they can think outside the box and go to self-publishing printers. However this will be more work for the author but the author will be in complete control of the novel. Visit this link for more info on self publishing printers Brisbane.

Hard work is necessary

Achieving any dream will not be easy. A sportsman must be willing to train harder than anybody, a teacher must persist with a student full of potential and a writer must learn to deal with rejection.
Writing any novel is hard but distributing and selling the novel can be as hard. Once a novel is written a distributor may not want it but the author should try as many distributors as possible and give their novel to them. The author should actively try and promote their novel in order for it to sell better.

Love what you do

Perhaps the best way to get inspiration, work hard and focus to achieve your dreams is to love what you do. Do not treat your dream job as a job. Don’t treat it as something you have to do but something you want to do.